5 digital marketing strategies to boost your e-commerce

Selling online is undoubtedly an intelligent action, adopted by entrepreneurs who are attentive to the moment we are living and know how to seize opportunities. But it is clear that the rewards do not come without some efforts shopify tools.

Know 5 marketing strategies you need to grow your e-commerce and highlight it from the competition on the web.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that grows the most in Latin America and in the world due to its visible results. That is why, through a good content strategy you will see that the sales cycle decreases, as well as the cost of attracting customers is considerably reduced. As if that were not enough, customers conquered in this way are likely to consume more times.

E-mail marketing

The e-mail marketing has everything to be a great ally of your virtual store. You can use it to send updates about your blog, promotions, special discounts or product launches to the public.

It is remarkable the ease with which it allows to automate part of the communication with customers, which allows you to have more time to concentrate on other important activities.

Social networks

Social networks are a series of open channels of communication with your audience and all you need to do is make good use of these spaces. The user’s hours of the day in social networks and spend all that time consuming content.

Each social network works in a different way. You should investigate what profile your users have, what type of content is most popular, and what are the best schedules to publish in each network. Keep this in mind when you are managing your profiles.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can help a lot in the sales and in the image of your brand. SEO improves the position of your website in the search engines, so that it appears among the first results. So, whenever a potential customer searches for something related to your store, you will find your site first and not the competition’s.

Sponsored links

Sponsored links (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads) are a great option to kick start you’re planning. You can use them to attract customers to your e-commerce even before applying other strategies. They will help users find your page, but be careful! If it does not have a good design and content, it will be abandoned quickly.

There is no mystery behind these digital marketing techniques! It is very easy to measure the return of each one to make changes and improvements.

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