5 tips for new law students

If the career you chose was Law, and this year you will start your classes in this race, here we will share some tips so that your studies in law are more bearable fs online.

One of the first recommendations for the students of this career is “to accept that the Law is difficult”, this according to the recommendation of Diego Vigil Quiñones, a Spanish lawyer, graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, who wrote a book with recommendations, called  Briefs Tips to study Law successfully.

Here, we will share 5 tips that the author recommends so that law students can finish their career without having to suffer:

1. Study in a group

Seek the collaboration of friends, professionals and teachers. Group work is essential for professional growth and success in the career.

2. Visualize the Law in reality

While the theories and norms presented in class resemble straight and univocal lines, this rigidity is not usually found in reality, which is much more complex and diverse. Therefore, it is necessary for law students to locate what they study in reality as soon as possible, through work with particular cases. Getting in touch with documents such as contracts, demands or judgments is essential to understand how the theory is translated into reality.

3. Know the basics of the subjects

To be successful in exams, it is essential to know what is essential in each subject. Vigil de Quiñones recommends “putting yourself in the place of the teacher ” to detect what is intended by the students, which is what they will ask and they should know.

When you study a certain institution, before studying a lot of memory data, you really try to understand what it is, what it intends and what is essential about it, that is, its common nerve. This will make it much easier to avoid being left blank when the teacher asks.

4. Relate the subjects to each other

As you progress in the race, you will realize that everything is interconnected in the Law , since it is the norm that regulates the coexistence of all people. The different legal norms and institutions cannot exist completely independently. It is necessary to see them then as part of a whole that lives in harmony, in order to take knowledge obtained in some subjects and apply them in others.

5. Learn to express yourself well

Language is the main tool of a lawyer. The law student must double or triple the vocabulary he used in his baccalaureate periods. To do this, study the best books and never miss an unknown word without seeking and learning its meaning.

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