I have to keep marveling: Since the middle of last year, we are almost buy instagram followers. On it we show beautiful leisure photos and / or things that make us happy and inspire the real experience in our precious, free, often meaningless time. With a lot of effort, we have already built up nearly 5000 serious Instagram followers.

And then I follow the honest follow / like / heart repeatedly profiles that do not make so much or no effort – but for> 10 thousand followers call your own! How does that work?

And is all this all about right-wing stuff – or are the German Instagram followers (I’m not talking about the buyable foreign Instagram bot services here) all?

I once went in search of clues why kiddies with their 6 profile photos seem more “interested entourage” than the Instagram profiles with real, good added value and diligence …

Give once ” German instagram follower buy ” to Google. You will see: The market is here! Already numerous paid as well as organically represented providers in the Google search results shoot up against me. Here – in this area is on the part of the provider – properly cash made I say you. But what if you get involved as an Instagram user? Can you really buy German Instagram followers?

To test those with long-term effect, I have created an Instagram fake account and then tested for you. Here are my experiences: 

  • First of all, I’ve come across pretty perfidious rip-offs that take advantage of today’s “higher, faster, farther, & more (followers)” mentality of often young people to turn their expensive smartphone subscriptions backwards.

For example, after my “German Instagram Follower free” search for a provider I had to give my Instagram name first. So far so good. Then choose a package. 1000 followers or 5000? But gladly – I took the 1000! Wonderfully simple – so here you “give me” what? 🙂

Unfortunately not, because the disillusionment followed promptly:

I was offered 3 links. I should choose one of them & only after the “fill in” on the local affiliate pages, should my transfer of “German Instagram followers” – ie the “delivery” to run! ”

I tried all 3 links and was disappointed with all 3 possibilities:

  1. Link to a telecom page. Here I should give my mobile number and complete a paid FC Bayern subscription. How nice!
  2. Link to a Jamba page (are they still there?) Again, the game with the mobile number and a weekly subscription-catcher offer of only 4.99 €. Yes, are they spinning?
  3. The dignified offer Packman – to download the game classic.

I decided – as you might think – for the variant No3. Behind it, however, hid a nastiest malicious program (malware). Thank you very much!

Of course, that was uncovered and quarantined directly from my high-end secured systems on my PC – without any luck doing any damage. For others it looks the worse on the hard drive now …

Conclusion # 1: The desire for “buy German Instagram followers” often ends in such a rip-off methods in the impasse.

But of course there are also “reasonably serious” providers who offer to buy especially German Instagram followers.

Even target group-oriented with hashtag information, which “natural” people one wishes for his Instagram followers.

That works quite well. However, the invested $ 22 for my Instagram fake account are quickly gone. With 5000 followers described, but ultimately reach me “only 3511 followers” – money refund does not exist with the answer:

“Your account must be more active.” 

I agree: 0! 🙂 My money was nevertheless accepted with thanks. And also 3511 followers are already quite a big “step on appearances” within 2 days.

The operators also advertise with the winged words …

buy real instagram followers ,

or even better

 “So you are in the company of stars and starlets.”

Daydreams – for people, who strive for meaning and permanence in their (often still so young, still rather “naïve”) life. Apropo persistence – of course there is also a formula (in the “secure” business package): 

Of course you can also order for a monthly budget of “only 33 €” distributed over each day, an increase between 200-500 followers per day for 3 months (especially for “companies interesting” should be this slow build-up growth).

And that “natural growth” is according to provider information even “platform-compliant” accompanied by the guidelines of Instagram. Oh yes…

For far less money – say $ 12, there are also 10,000 followers on a site hosted in India & which advertises with “international followers”. Again, I strike. In 5 days, a proud 12366 followers on my profile were “credited” in a wonderful way.

But I did  not have a single post (!), Which would have cost me “trouble and hashtags” (effort) discontinued. My Instagram profile shines through non-presence and is still successful / known / beautiful than many accounts will ever be. Crazy, artificial world …!

“The followers just flew to me. For nothing do. And that’s exactly what many want: do nothing and still be successful! But unfortunately that is not the real, honest world! “

My final conclusion about buying Instagram fans – German and international:

Hands off! “Buy German Instagram Followers” is not worth it! International even less – there the followers are usually delivered by very aggressive bot networks. If Insta is behind it, your account is blocked very quickly.

To the numbers again:

In my review I had followers with the purchase of Instagram

  • within 2 days: 3511 followers from Germany
  • 12366 (international) followers from India within 5 days

All in all, I’ve built up 15,877 followers for my “nothing going on account” in just under a week!

Update – it gets even better: 4 days later this was blocked due to course “non-conforming activities”. Until today I do not come to my (expensive) bought followers. The dream is over and the experience is not worth the money.

Have you ever considered “buying German Instagram followers”?

Did something stop you or did you buy (maybe successful?)? Would you admit it, if you did it? Did you manage to pimp your active accounts? Did this mean that the first advertisers came along?

At what price? Long-term experience? Do you have any other, possibly even positive experience on this topic? More observations? Let me know via e-mail or comment as always here. I hope I could open the eyes of some people before they fell into the trap. Thank you very much for your attention!

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