Instagram Marketing: 10 Tips & Tricks for More Success

Over 80% of users also follow at least one business profile, according to Instagram. Perfect if you want to present your company to a large target group. In today’s article, we’ll give you 10 tips for successful Instagram marketing buy real instagram comments.


  1. Use a clear visual language

Instagram is about visual content. Accordingly, your potential customers will decide within seconds if they want to take a closer look at your profile or not.

A uniquely designed page helps you to keep the user’s attention.

Among other things, a filter helps. Use one or two that suit your business and stick with it. Beautiful filters are available, for example, in the apps VSCO, Colorstory or Snapseed .

Besides filters, the color palette is also important. It’s best to choose colors that your company uses offline. Whether these are colorful, shrill or muted, simple colors are up to you.

Consistency is the key!


  1. Use the profile description

On Instagram, you have the opportunity to briefly introduce your company in the header of your profile.

Give your follower information that adds value to them. In addition to email address and phone number should also be the URL of your website.

You can also briefly summarize what your company stands for and what services or products you offer.


  1. Choose a clear profile picture

Your customers and other users should immediately see who or what is on your profile. For a clear profile picture is very important.

This can either be your logo or lettering associated with your business.


  1. Be consistent in posting

The attention span of the users is very low, which is why many contents are immediately forgotten.

By posting something new every day, your chances of being remembered increase.

Varied content with added value for your customers should be in the foreground.


  1. Take your customers to the “backstage” area

Of course, your profile should stay professional. Nevertheless, it is interesting for the customers to be able to take a look behind the scenes again and again.

You have a yoga studio? Show your followers how to prepare your lesson!

You run a fashion business? Then take your subscribers to a trade show.

Such details are remembered by consumers.

It is very important…


  1. Tell a story and show personality

… To tell a story.

Many consumers also follow a company for reasons of sympathy or nostalgia.

It is easy to build on these feelings by talking about everyday business life.

For example, you could introduce the individual team members, the faces behind the brand.


  1. Use & invent hashtags to increase reach and interaction

The new Instagram algorithm no longer displays the posted content in chronological order. This means that your photos may not be displayed to all of your followers.

To increase your organic (= unpaid) range, you can use up to 30 hashtags .

Research is very important! There are thousands of hashtags on every topic. The art is finding the right ones for your business.

Many companies have their own hashtags where they post news, interact with their customers, or start competitions among their subscribers.

Please encourage your followers to share their experience with your brand / company via Instagram on Instagram!


  1. Give incentives to your community

To increase your subscriber numbers and engagement rate, you can post interesting information such as promotions or sweepstakes first on Instagram.

This gives your customers the incentive to follow you. It is best to share the information in picture form, so that they can be seen right away and shared further.


  1. Include your followers & be active on other profiles

In addition to specially developed hashtags, you can integrate your customers in a different way. Interaction should play the main role.

Like and comment on images that contain your products or services and “regramme”, so reposte , and sometimes the content designed by customers .

This “user generated content” (also UGC) helps your company to generate additional reach. When customers see that you are interacting with their content, it also creates incentives.


  1. Use a writing style & the same fonts

Just like the visual content, the written ones should follow a clear line.

Your captions (ie the descriptions under the individual posts) should be short and concise but also personal.

If you’ve tagged your photos, make sure you pick one or two fonts and use them over and over again.

A consistent writing style and uniform fonts give your corporate image an extra boost.

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