7 simple remedies to raise libido naturally

Did you know that something as simple as sunbathing can help us activate the body and improve all those functions of the body that may be depressed, such as libido?

The lack of libido or sexual inapetencia can have different causes: emotional issues, stress, nutritional deficiencies, psychological disorders, side effects of medications, hormonal irregularities, etc. If you want to raise your libido naturally PhenQ review, keep reading!

Low libido can happen in a timely or permanent. It usually causes insecurity to the sufferer and problems of a couple, if it is not a question of solving with patience and trust.

In this article we present 7 simple and natural remedies to raise libido naturally. Yes, as you read, we will recommend foods, supplements and therapeutic techniques, without risks or side effects.

The libido in men and women

The prototype of the woman who, from a certain age, suffers a decrease in libido is, today, an anecdote.

Modern life, characterized by a stressful routine and poor diet, can cause libido problems, among many other health problems.

Therefore it is important to self-criticize, analyze the possible causes of sexual inapetencia and put solution with these remedies and natural techniques.

In this way we will improve our state of health in general, while we get to have an active and healthy sexual life.

Raise libido naturally

  1. Cinnamon with honey

The cinnamon is a kind of delicious and aromatic flavor with stimulant properties and heat, two virtues prized by those suffering from lack of libido.

In addition, if we combine it with honey, rich in vitamins and minerals, we get a very nutritious and complete remedy that gives us a great dose of energy and vitality.

Each morning we will take a spoonful of honey with Ceylon cinnamon powder. We have chosen this variety because it contains the most medicinal properties, although its price is a little more expensive than the rest.


  1. Smoothies with maca

Nowadays fruit and vegetable smoothies are fashionable, since they allow us to consume raw and nutritious foods, with all their properties, in a comfortable and pleasant way.

These shakes are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and fatty acids, so they are an excellent recipe to overcome any disorder or weakness.

If, in addition, to these shakes we add powdered maca , we will enhance their aphrodisiac and energetic properties.

Those who suffer high blood pressure or nervousness should consult the doctor before consuming maca.


  1. Ylang-ylang essential oil

Essential oils are a natural and very effective resource to enhance sensuality in the couple and raise the libido naturally. These oils can be used as perfumes, to aromatize the bedroom or to perform massages.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is one of the most aphrodisiac, along with vanilla, jasmine, cinnamon or ginger.


  1. Ginger in all recipes

Ginger is, along with cinnamon, a very stimulating spice, ideal for raising libido naturally and without medication.

Ginger also has digestive properties and helps us lose weight, as it eliminates excess fluid and activates metabolism.

We can add it to all kinds of recipes:

  • Juices and smoothies
  • Sweets and biscuits
  • Lemonade
  • Meat and fish
  • Bread


  1. Laminaria

Laminaria is a type of algae rich in B vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. It includes different varieties, like kombu or fucus, all of them very beneficial to remineralize the organism and lose weight in a healthy way.

One of the most unknown virtues of these algae is to increase sexual desire.


  1. Bach flowers

Bach flowers are always an ideal remedy to treat any disorder that affects us physically and emotionally, as they have no contraindications or side effects.

If we have noticed a decrease in sexual appetite we can resort to some essences such as wild rose, olive, walnut or white chestnut.

It is best to go to a professional therapist who can listen to our case and prescribe the flowers we need.


  1. Sun baths

The last advice is aimed at the benefits of exposing ourselves to sunlight with common sense, for a while each day, outside the hours of maximum radiation.

Sunlight activates the organism and all those functions that may be depressed or weakened.

In this case we recommend taking the sun without clothes, so you can act directly on the genital area. If we do it every day, we can see a great improvement almost immediately.

We hope that these tips to raise libido naturally will be useful. Of course, check with your doctor if the lack of appetite persists.