Enjoying green smoothies

Green smoothies are trendy! They are super healthy, keep us physically and mentally fit and promote a regional diet in line with the seasons. In addition, they are prepared lightning fast all day energy greens reviews.

Through the mixing process, the plants are virtually “pre-digested”. This relieves the gastrointestinal tract tremendously. Therefore, those who have problems with raw food can tolerate the green smoothies. Moreover, the green smoothie puts an end to the idea that fruit and salad are difficult to digest because of fermentation in the stomach. Due to the fine mixing, they are perfectly compatible at any time of the day.

Using the green power drinks to naturally build muscle:

Green smoothies make it even easier to build muscle mass as with animal proteins. The reason: If our body needs to take amino acids that it needs to build muscle mass from animal protein, the energy expenditure is much greater, because our digestion must first split the long chains of amino acids, so that the individual amino acids are available to the body in the first place. Green plants contain less complex protein molecules and more essential amino acids in a simple form, so they can be easily absorbed by the body. For optimum muscle growth, you should do power or endurance exercise 2-3 times a week, in addition to drinking green power drinks.

Recipes for healthy muscle building with vegetable protein:


Add all ingredients to the blender and fill up with water. Mixing: Start at low level. Once the blender has collected the contents, puree the fruits and plant greens at the highest level. The blending time depends on the speed of your mixer. Purée until the mix content is as fine as your device can. Just make sure that the smoothie does not heat up too much due to too much mixing.

Tip: Our recipes for healthy muscle growth contain more plant than fruit parts. Of course, you can be creative and swap individual ingredients if you do not like them or want to make your smoothie fruitier.

Green smoothies

The guidebook “Green Smoothies – The healthy mini-meal from the blender ” tells you everything you need to get started in the world of green power drinks. In the book you will find recipes for slimming and detoxification, natural muscle building, a healthy gut, restful sleep and firm skin. The recipes are suitable for the whole family. Plus: Seasonal Calendar to let you know when which ingredient season is on.