Tips and important foods to increase testosterone levels

Testosterone is considered as a hormone of great importance for the life of man, it is produced precisely by the testes Nootropics.

It is important to note that testosterone is ideal for male sexuality and for reproduction, this hormone helps with the perfect sexual functioning of man, improves reproductive health, allows the development of muscle mass, and helps with proper hair growth, Although these are important functions of testosterone, this hormone also helps maintain bone density, increases health in the blood, and always provides a feeling of well-being.

It is important that you implement an appropriate lifestyle; you have to consume healthy foods. If you have low testosterone levels, you may have the following symptoms:


  1. Great reduction of sexual desire. The patient who has a low testosterone level can even have serious erection problems.
  2. Excessive difficulty in reaching orgasm.
  3. Decreased vitality and energy.
  4. Fatigue and fatigue
  5. Irritability, anxiety, and depression.
  6. Overweight and obesity.
  7. Decrease in the development of muscle mass.
  8. Loss of body hair.
  9. Problems of concentration and memory.
  10. Bone diseases (osteoporosis)

Below is a list of recommended tips so you can increase the level of testosterone in your body:

  1. Perform exercises on a regular basis

Weight lifting and cardiovascular training exercises are recommended. It is recommended that you do physical activity at least 4 times each week. With proper physical training, and using a healthy diet, you can increase your testosterone levels.


  1. Avoid stress

If you suffer from stress, it is recommended that you practice yoga, meditation, and exercises to breathe properly. Stress causes an increase in cortisol, a hormone that at high levels lowers the body’s testosterone level. It is important that you do recreational and healthy activities, breathe the fresh air, and above all, always keep joy and happiness in your life.


  1. Sleep the right and correct hours:

Rest is ideal to recover energy, and to keep the organism full of vitality. When you do not rest properly or do not sleep well, you can reduce the level of testosterone by 10%, therefore, it is ideal to sleep between 7 to 8 hours a day to keep your body full of energy and health.


  1. Practice sex regularly

It is important that you can share moments of happiness with your partner, you must have a pleasant sex and full happiness so that you have an adequate level of testosterone.


  1. Do not consume alcohol

Alcohol greatly reduces zinc levels, severely affects the liver, and decreases testosterone. Choose to consume healthy drinks free of caffeine and sugar.