5 reasons why protein is good for burning fat

Regarding weight training, there is probably no aspect that is discussed more often in the circle of athletes than the importance of the protein and its effect on muscle and fat loss. While it should be clear to everyone that protein is essential for muscle growth, it seems that it is not all that common those proteins play an essential role in the diet. So here are 5 good reasons why protein is good for burning fat shakeology.


Reason 1 – Proteins saturate better and save calories

Protein will help you to keep up, especially at the beginning of your diet, as it provides a much longer lasting satiety effect than carbohydrates. This phenomenon is based on the fact that proteins are digested much slower than carbohydrates and thus stay longer in the stomach, so that the hunger does not return as fast as it would be in the course of a carbohydrate-heavy diet. Decreasing the feeling of hunger helps you to save calories as you are less likely to be tempted to look for something edible. So if you’re looking for enough protein, you’re actively supporting your fat burning.


Reason 2 – Proteins limit insulin peaks

Blood sugar levels are the key variable when it comes to deciding on success or failure in the context of a low-calorie diet. A phenomenon that is only too often observed in this context is the extreme fluctuation of the blood sugar level with the associated insulin peaks as a result of a carbohydrate-dependent diet. The big danger is that the blood sugar level just as quickly crashes again, which favors food cravings that are certainly not conducive to fat loss. Due to their microstructures, proteins are also the solution at this point. As already mentioned proteins have a much longer duration of residence than carbohydrates and are therefore absorbed more slowly into the blood.


Reason 3 – The metabolism of protein requires more energy

Basically, our organism works like a machine, so it is not surprising that the specific energy production from macronutrients is similar to that of a classic combustion engine. As with engines, the use of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats causes energy loss in the form of heat, so that the entire calorific value of a molecule cannot be effectively used by the organism. This “thermic effect of food” (TEF) can be used to your advantage in the context of your diet by increasing the use of protein as an energy source, as this is used by your body in terms of energy significantly ineffective as fats and carbohydrates.


Reason 4 – Protein consumption promotes the burning of fat

Although it may sound strange at first, it does correspond to the reality that your body is having difficulty burning fat effectively if it does not have enough carbohydrate and protein in it. Among other things, this is because your organism needs proteins to produce the hormones and enzymes needed to burn fat. In addition, the protein consumption protects you from an excessive loss of muscle. Disproportionate muscle breakdown would not only be annoying, it also lowers your metabolic rate as your body will have less metabolic body mass in such a case. So you should always be aware of the highest possible protein intake when planning your diet,


Reason 5 – Protein promotes growth and regeneration of your muscles

Since you certainly will not stop exercising during a diet as well, the regeneration of your muscles is no less important. Especially after a hard workout, your muscles need as much protein to repair the cell structures as they do when building muscle. Due to the fact that you already expose your body in the course of your project by the shortage of nutrients already high physiological stress, the regeneration takes again a more significant importance, as well as the emergence of injury can be prevented.

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