5 herbs to increase sexual health and female libido

Sexual desire in women is very vulnerable. Tension, fatigue, stress, nervousness, hormonal changes, and even contraceptives, can alter the female libido. This, without them being able to be fully aware of why their sexual life is being affected Nugenix free trial.

Today we present some herbs that increase a woman’s libido, and improve her health. It should be noted that being aware that sexual desire cannot always be controlled at will is important to improve this fundamental aspect of life.


Muira Puama:

This plant native to the Amazon is a complete combo to improve female sex life, as it increases libido, the intensity of orgasms and promotes greater sexual satisfaction; reduces stress and increases energy.


Tribulus terrestris (abrojo):

In addition to combating common mood swings of the monthly period, this herb reduces stress and anxiety. It also improves hormonal balance and increases sexual desire in both men and women.



The leaves of the Catuaba tree are a natural stimulant of the brain and nervous system; They are also a strong natural aphrodisiac used even for problems like impotence. These leaves are taken as tea thousands of years ago by the natives of northern Brazil. Its stimulating effect also fights physical and mental exhaustion.



In addition to increasing the libido is good to keep the female sexual organs healthy. This plant was used by the Maya to increase energy. Also used to relieve anxiety, nervousness and depression. Regulates female hormones, which also improves mood.



This ancient Indian herb has been used for millennia to strengthen the female reproductive system and libido. It improves the endocrine system and promotes hormonal balance. It has been known to improve mood and balance moods, which also influences a greater sexual predisposition.