5 tips to lose weight and burn fat while running

If you are one of the people who go out running because they want to lose weight and / or lose fat and you are not getting it, maybe you should propose a change in your eating habits … but you can also take a look below to get 5 tips that will facilitate burn fat while you’re running best weight loss supplements for women.


Eliminate the pre-workout sandwich

More than anything about the amount of bread you eat or what is translated into carbohydrates. A load of hydrates is the typical intake that runners usually do before a marathon, before an intense workout or a long run for energy. But what happens when we do not spend that energy ingested through food? Well, they accumulate in our body. To maintain the weight you should eat the same amount of calories as you spend and to lose weight, spend more than you consume. And it is that an excessive consumption of carbohydrates can take you to accumulate energy that later you will not use in short sessions.


Train on slopes

Not only do you have to run flat to burn fat. Training on slopes and with unevenness implies an extra expenditure of energy because the physical demand is greater, the respiratory rate increases, the pulsations come up and, therefore, the demand for energy rises. In addition to burning more calories for the extra effort, it will also help you gain muscle in the quadriceps and increase your power. With short sprints of approximately 10 seconds in slope will be enough. Then recover by walking down.



HIITs are high intensity interval training – over 90% of your FCM -, with which it takes between 30 and 40 minutes to perform an effective training to burn fat. And is that the HIITs not only cause a fat burning during exercise, but also cause to continue burning energy hours after having finished. There are a lot of exercises you can do; you just have to search the net.


Train the resistance

According to various studies, the amount of fat you can burn after exercise depends on what you do before. It has been shown that a weight exercise prior to a running or running workout can make it easier to lose weight and burn fat. Also, a resistance session before running can mean a greater weight loss during the race.


Control your eating habits

Burn more calories than you eat. This is the main premise for losing weight. In order to get results, control the calories you eat. Create a table in which you indicate what you eat and the amount – it also has to be the milligram – to then find out how many calories your meals are translated and find out how much corresponds in sports time. You can also download some calorie counter on your Smartphone.