5 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Your nails are something more than what you use to scratch or pick up small objects. For some women having beautiful nails is something that helps them feel beautiful and attractive. In fact one of the signs of a well-groomed man are clean and well-groomed nails (remedios caseiro para unha encravada).

But even more important, it is the role of the nails as a thermometer of your health. When nails are broken or damaged, it can be a reflection of different nutritional problems. If we ignore what our nails tell us we can suffer some more serious problems such as ingrown toenails or fungal infections, which require medical attention.

Follow these tips to get a healthier and stronger nails, both on the hands and feet.

  1. Keep your nails hydrated.Use lotion or moisturizer after washing your hands to prevent your hands and nails from drying out. Spread castor oil or Vaseline over your nails.

    Massage your nails and fingers with Argan oil. This oil comes from a rare Moroccan tree called Argan. It is an oil rich in essential fatty acids that helps keep the nails nourished and hydrated. It is also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that can help keep your nails strong, healthy and protected from breakage and damage. Take a small bottle of this Moroccan oil in your bag and massage with a couple of drops of this wonderful oil whenever you need it.

  2. Protect your nailsUse rubber gloves to clean, scratch floors, gardening, clean the bathroom and any other activity in which your nails are exposed to high pressure, aggressive chemicals or excess moisture.

    Always dry your feet before putting on your socks and shoes. This helps prevent fungal infections. Ventilate your shoes and use 100% cotton socks to help protect your feet and nails from infection or the appearance of fungus.

  3. Cut your nails correctly.Trim your nails. Your hands are very busy machines! The higher your nails are, the less chance of breaking them exist. Cut your nails in a straight line to avoid nails. Incarnated nails can be very painful and even require minor surgery in the most serious cases.

    When you fix the cuticles, do it carefully and without cutting them. A damaged cuticle can damage the entire nail.

    Apply a coat of lacquer or nail protector. Remember that you should not leave the same on your nails for more than 10 days as it can discolor and damage the nails. Avoid nail cleaners that contain acetone or formaldehyde, as well as other harsh chemicals that can dry nails and cuticles.

    File your nails properly. Always do it in the same direction and avoid doing it back and forth. With this you avoid breakages and fractures. Do not rinse wet nails as they are less resistant and break more easily when wet.

  4. Eat well!A healthy diet obviously leads to a healthy body, and healthy nails. Eat foods rich in vitamin D, calcium and zinc such as fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk to have stronger nails. If necessary you can take vitamin B supplements to further strengthen the nails.
  5. Do not bite your nailsNervous habits such as biting the nails, or rattling them on the table help to further weaken the nails. That’s why you should try to avoid these habits when you get bored or nervous stress. Stress can lead you to bite your nails, an unhealthy and unhygienic habit. Keep your mind busy and avoid stress.

The nails are very important so you should take care of them properly to keep them healthy. Remember that strong and healthy nails involve enjoying a strong and healthy body.