Stairlifts adapted for the disabled, what are they?

The stair lift platform or the vertical lift are the main stair climbers specially adapted to provide accessibility for people traveling in wheelchairs (MONTASCALE PER DISABILI).

When we talk about adapted stair lifts we have to take into account that they have to be for any type of user, an example of a stair lift that can not be considered fully adapted to provide full accessibility would be the stair climbing chairs , which although allow their use to people who can walk although it is difficult to go up and down stairs, do not allow their use to people who use a wheelchair, unless a transfer is made to it, something that hinders its use and significantly reduces the autonomy of the user.

The main stair climbers adapted to people with disabilities are without doubt the stairlift platforms and the vertical elevators.

On the one hand, the stair-climbing platforms are characterized by the absence of works or reforms to carry out their installation, which undoubtedly translates into a lower economic cost.

The stairlift platform moves following the shape and route of the staircase itself, for this it is helped by one or two rails which guide the movement of the platform. These rails can be fixed directly on the wall or in the steps themselves by using specific poles for it.

This type of stairlift suitable for people in wheelchairs is one of the main options adopted to provide accessibility to all types of users, since it has a base or platform fully designed to facilitate access for people in wheelchairs and also , it can be used by people of advanced age or with some type of reduced mobility that makes it impossible for them to climb or descend the stairs in a comfortable and safe way.

This stair climbing system occupies a minimum space in the staircase and allows it to be completely folded once its use is finished, in fact it is only necessary to have a minimum width of stairs between 1.1 and 1.2 m, so that it can be carried After installation, in addition, and apart from the minimum stair width, it is necessary to have landings with sufficient dimensions to ensure the maneuverability of a wheelchair.

As for vertical short-haul elevators , comment that they are solutions indicated to overcome small unevenness of up to three meters in height.

In the same way as the platform stair lift, the elevator is fully adapted to allow full accessibility to all types of users, in fact some models are very similar to the platforms, except for its form of travel which is vertical as in the case of elevators .

Another of the important differences of this adapted stair lift system is that it requires a specific space for its location, which can be an advantage in those cases where there is not enough width for a stair lift platform or where the elevator is chosen to be independent. stairs.

In any case, both Stairlifts and Vertical Elevators are today the main systems used to allow full accessibility to all types of homes, shops or buildings.