What qualities should a Music Manager have? What are the functions you should expect it to fulfill? What is the most convenient time to hire a Music Manager? These are questions whose answers you should know before hiring a manager. It is not a decision that you should take lightly, as this figure is necessary to promote and maintain your career in the music industry buy real sound cloud commnets.

The most opportune time to hire a manager is when you already have a musical creation ready to be launched on the market. If you’re just starting to create your music, focus on this task before thinking about hiring a manager.

1. Functions of a Music Manager
The manager is the person in charge of managing your artistic career. He has the function of representing you in the search and negotiation of the conditions of concerts, musical and image contracts, interviews and promotions.

As the career manager of independent artists, the manager performs functions in the legal and financial areas. In the legal area, he not only has the responsibility of negotiating contracts under the most advantageous conditions, but also of signing them and ensuring their compliance.

You must have certain legal knowledge to negotiate the marketing of your music with the best possible protection for your interests. You should also be willing to consult and seek advice from a trusted attorney regarding the legal terms of a musical or sponsorship contract.

In the financial area, the manager of independent artists has the function of managing money. She is tasked with identifying the sources of income you can generate as an artist, and supervising the accounts by controlling expenses. In addition, you have to know how to invest the money generated in your own artistic career, and make wise decisions to achieve financial peace of mind.

2. Qualities of a manager
As an artist you should expect your manager to be knowledgeable about the music industry, the trends and tastes of the public, and be intuitive about market opportunities.

The manager must be someone you trust, for this reason there are independent artists who choose family members or close friends for the job. Regardless of your relationship with the person, you should focus on the manager having communication and negotiation skills. In addition, she must be equipped with the skills to plan strategies, work as a team and manage.

3. Full time
Being an artist’s manager is a full-time job. They have to be available to work with you, making your artistic career a priority.

To boost your career in the music industry, you need at your side a person who dedicates time to you and knows how to listen to what you want as an artist. With honest communication, together you can make the most beneficial decisions for your career.

The manager also has to be a person who shows patience and is a kind of guide capable of managing emotions and conflicts.

4. Knowledgeable about your work
The manager has to know the work of the artist he is representing, and be convinced of the musical project. You must know what stage of growth you are in as an artist in order to plan the best possible strategies for your career.

Your attitude must remain positive, and your role must be to constantly motivate. The manager has to be aware of how rehearsals, recordings, concert preparation and the impact of your interviews and promotions are going. If he is not involved with your musical project, the relationship will not work.

5. How much does a manager earn?
The economic conditions for hiring a manager must be clear from the beginning so that there is no room for lawsuits and conflicts in the future.

The usual thing is that the manager does not receive a fixed salary, but rather commissions between 10% and 30% of the income obtained from your artistic activity.

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