8 tips for choosing your baby’s name

How much power does a name have? Choosing a name is not easy and carries with it a great responsibility on the part of parents. Often, the name we carry has a close relationship with our personality, even with the self-esteem we develop. The name is our identity as human beings check your czech names origin (in czech).

There are countless names that you can choose for your future baby. The classic thing is to give it a name that matches yours or your partner’s, where love and family blessing are reflected. Currently there are a large number of books on the market that will help you know the meaning of many names; Choosing one can be complicated, but based on good communication as a couple, you will surely be able to choose the best one.

To help you in this task, here I present eight valuable tips, so that you do not have any problem choosing:

  1. Prohibited names
    Under no circumstances should you choose the name of any ex-partner, yours or his. Neither of them will want to remember an old love every time he calls her son.
  2. Compound names
    If you are going to choose compound names, think that there is little point in doing so if you will only use one to address him in everyday life.
  3. Think, who does that name remind you of?
    Don’t choose a name that reminds you of unpleasant moments or people. The same applies to your partner. Your child’s name should not be overshadowed by any shadow of the past.
  4. “Strange” names
    Do not choose strange names, that you do not know their origin, meaning and that are difficult to pronounce. Avoid at all costs giving your child a name just because it is fashionable thanks to some soap opera.
  5. Valuable qualities
    Choose a name that reflects the qualities you will build in your baby. To do this, research the meanings of names or historical figures that you admire.
  6. Culturally appropriate names
    Choose names that reflect your nationality or culture, this way it will be more related to the environment in which your child will grow up.
  7. Avoid possible ridicule
    Avoid names that provoke jokes, ridicule, or are embarrassing. When your child goes to school, he will thank you.
  8. Think of full names
    If you have a long last name, it is best to choose a short name, and vice versa. Before choosing, think about how the full name will sound, with both surnames.

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