Green Smoothies: miracle cure for vitality & well-being

Ever since I got the Bianco Primo for Christmas, the loud noise of the high-performance mixer fills my kitchen every morning. Even better to wake up, however, is the green smoothie that is created. A mix of fresh green, ripe fruit and filtered water, which is different from day to day, noticeably replenishes the energy requirements of the cells. In the meantime, I even start missing green smoothies when I do not get around or forget to buy fresh leafy greens Shakeology Greenberry.

Who invented the green smoothie?

By the way, we have the green vital substance bomb thanks to Victoria Boutenko, who had to learn from her own experience how important live raw food is for our health. In 1994, by switching to vegan raw food , she cured both her children and her husband of severe chronic illness and obesity. It is thanks to her that people around the world have been motivated to a healthy lifestyle and have gained valuable knowledge about the green smoothies.

What does your body need to survive?

There are two groups of nutrients that are essential: the micronutrients and the macronutrients. The micronutrients include vitamins, trace elements, minerals and phytochemicals. We have to do this regularly, because our body is, with a few exceptions, unable to produce it.

Although they do not provide energy, we cannot survive without these micronutrients. They are involved in all metabolic processes and ensure that our body functions optimally. The great thing is, the green smoothies are full of micronutrients! If we do not have enough of them, health problems and illnesses will not be long in coming.

The other large group is the macronutrients, ie carbohydrates (sugars), lipids (fats) and proteins (protein). It is from these substances that our bodies are built and they are responsible for having energy.

Why should you drink green smoothies?

You want to lose annoying pounds and lose weight in a healthy way vegan? You dream of pure, radiant skin and would like to have more energy again? You are tired of food cravings, which usually end in front of the candy closet   and do not only wish you more well-being, but also a better body feeling? And last but not least, would you mind if your digestion gets going and stimulates your metabolism?

Well then, let’s go! That green vegetables are healthy, you know. But let’s be honest: how often do you eat it? Sure, maybe there’s salad on your menu from time to time, and in the evening you eat a few florets of broccoli or some green beans. Unfortunately, for most people, too little greenery ends up on the plate. By incorporating green smoothies into your diet, you can solve this problem in the simplest, most delicious way. You will be rewarded with numerous advantages, which I will deal with later. Not only will you have more energy in your everyday life, but you will also be able to safely lose weight in a healthy way vegan.

Cannot I just eat more salad & Co. instead of green smoothies?

Sure, you could! Mixing, however, has one major advantage: It releases much more nutrients, as it destroys the cell walls and breaks down the food particles to such an extent that certain micronutrients are increasingly released. The mixer takes care of the chewing for you. Because even if you are intense, what is unlikely in our high-performance society, because it costs enormous time, you will not achieve the same effect. Another advantage of mixing: The ingredients are not heated, and all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals are preserved.

What should you watch out for when you start with green smoothies?

It may be that your body is not used to many fresh vegetables and fruits and that your intestinal flora has to change first. Get started slowly and prepare smaller amounts for now. You can also take more fruits and gradually lower in favor of leafy greens. So you have time to get used to you and your body gently to the magic power of the green smoothies. You can imagine chopping up in the blender like a certain “prowling” of your food. This process makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients of the plants.

How do you mix your green smoothie?

Always put the light leaf green down in the blender and follow the rule of thumb to take two handfuls. Add 2 to 3 whole fruits and add a glass of pure water. It is best to start the blender briefly at low level until the plant green and the water mix. Now you can go full throttle – the shorter, the better, as less heat builds up and important nutrients are retained.

Fast preparation and delicious taste

Your green smoothie will be ready in less than ten minutes and will support you in the sometimes stressful everyday life. Just plant green, water and fruit in the container, and let’s go! Then rinse the blender briefly, and you’re done with a health-promoting, delicious meal. Be creative and experiment with different leaf greens.

In general, variety is a top priority, as you always take different micronutrients to you. The fresh fruits cover up some bitter taste, and you will be amazed what delicious combinations there are!

Which green ingredients should you use for a green smoothie?

Green is not the same green! The secret lies in the leaves of the plants, which have an extremely high nutrient density. So it’s crazy if we buy a bunch of carrots and throw the garbage in the litter or feed it to our rabbits. The carrots themselves contain significantly less of the valuable micronutrients.

Here are a few examples of what leafy greens will look great in your green smoothie: kale, cabbage, black cabbage, chard, spinach, savoy cabbage, batavia salad, lettuce, wild herbs (dandelion, yew or stinging nettle), herbs (eg parsley, coriander or basil), the leaves of carrots, beetroot or radish and even the leaves of trees and shrubs! Mix raspberry or blackberry leaves into your smoothie.

Be inspired by nature and get creative!

You will see nature with completely different eyes if you go for a walk in the future! Highly recommended is a wild herb hike, which is guaranteed to be carried out in your area. Here you get valuable knowledge about long-forgotten treasures of nature. Just google it! It will never be boring thanks to the many ingredients you can use to make your green smoothie. If you do not feel like being creative, you’ll also find lots of recipes on the net.

Why are green smoothies healthier than juices?

The green smoothie contains lots of fiber. These not only ensure good digestion, but also more satiety. The blood sugar level rises more slowly and the green smoothie provides you with energy over a longer period of time. Using whole ingredients creates a creamy consistency. If you like, you can use less water and make your green smoothie thicker. Just try if you prefer to drink or spoon your smoothie. In general, it is beneficial if the green pulp lingers in your mouth, because more of the valuable micronutrients can be absorbed.

How long is a green smoothie?

As with almost all foods, the fresher, the better. However, your green smoothie is refrigerated for up to three days without losing too much of the valuable ingredients. It is important that you fill it in a sealable glass bottle and protect it from light, heat and oxygen. Personally, I make our green smoothie fresh every day because it’s so easy and just tastes the best.

What’s in your green smoothie?

As a rule of thumb, 50 percent plant green (such as kale, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, spinach, carrot leaves, kohlrabi leaves, etc.), 50 percent ripe, sweet fruits and pure water. The fruit balances the harsh taste of the leaf greens in a wonderful way and it creates a wholesome, delicious smoothie. The great thing is that the preparation is very easy. Shell and core housing can be confidently used with. My mixer has even managed an avocado core!

In the green of the plants are very many vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals – all substances that do you good. So that all this can be optimally split and nutrients can be released in the best possible way, you should invest in a high-performance mixer. My Bianco Primo is one of the cheapest beginner models on the market with 269 euros and specializes in the production of green smoothies. Upwards, however, there are no limits. Other manufacturers include Vitamix or OmniBlend.

Why is greenery so important?

Whether spinach, cabbage, chard, green, black or palm cabbage, salads, leaves of trees, shrubs or wild herbs – plant green has the highest nutrient density of any food that exists on our planet. By this one understands that extremely many vital and micronutrients are contained with at the same time very few calories.

According to the German Nutrition Society, we should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which is equivalent to about 250 g of fruit and 400 g of vegetables. You wonder how to do it? The green smoothie will help you! If you drink a liter of it every day, you’ve already consumed four servings of fruit and vegetables and you’ll easily get the recommended amount, if not more!

8 reasons why you should drink green smoothies

  • Green smoothies help you stay young! There are plenty of antioxidants in fresh fruits and plants that fight free radicals and protect your cells from premature aging.
  • Get slim and slim thanks to green smoothies! Would not it be great to lose weight permanently without being haunted by an annoying JoJo effect? Then quickly get to the blender and replace a main meal a day with a green smoothie. As you automatically consume fewer calories, you will automatically lose weight.
  • Detox Time! You want to detoxify your body again? Green smoothies can help you because the fiber, the saturated fats from seeds or avocados and the pure water from the fruits bind and expel toxins from your body.
  • You want to be more stress-resistant and feel fit and healthy? Thanks to various fortunate ingredients, such as bananas, avocados, pineapple or papaya, the green smoothie helps you to relax.
  • Finally pure, radiantly beautiful skin? Again, the green smoothie can help you by taking less of your skin as a detoxifying organ. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids in the green smoothie and generally healthy, saturated fat are essential to your skin and make blackheads a thing of the past.
  • Get your gut on the go with green smoothies. Due to the many contained fibers you not only get a better digestion, but also a better intestinal flora. This in turn has a very positive effect on your immune system, and you not only feel fitter and more vital, but also brightens more easily various pathogens.
  • You crave for faster energy and improved concentration? The green smoothie brings you exactly that thanks to quickly usable grape and fructose as well as many B vitamins.
  • You do not want to suffer from civilization diseases at some point? Green smoothies help keep your body in balance by providing you with a variety of valuable minerals, vitamins, trace elements and phytochemicals.