Liquid fruits

Hollywood is surfing on a green wave: The beauty and health-conscious stars swear by “green smoothies”. The creamy mixed drinks, depending on the ingredients rather brown than green, differ from conventional fruit juices in that they contain in addition to pulp and whole fruits and especially vegetables and green leaves in pureed form.

The hype has triggered Victoria Boutenko. In her review “Raw Family – A True Story of Awakening” the American woman tells how she suffered from heart disease, her husband of rheumatoid arthritis and an overactive thyroid gland and their children to diabetes and asthma . When orthodox medicine could not help, Victoria Boutenko changed the family’s diet to vegan raw food. All diseases should then miraculously disappear Amazing Grass Green Superfood Reviews.

Dumbfounded by the effect, the housewife got to the bottom of the matter. From the fact that humans share over 98 percent of their genes with the chimpanzees, she concluded: Because monkeys feed on raw food, so should we.

The Russian Smoothies invented the Russian by the way, because her loved one did not like a salad. She mashed the greens with fruit and so took away the harsh taste. Of course she also wrote a book about it. Already the green smoothie’s boom has swum to Europe, from Boutenko several titles are available in German.

Anyone browsing the internet will find articles praising green smoothies as a “miracle cure” or “beauty drink”. Among other things, the reason given is that only raw ingredients containing a large amount of nutrients were used. Especially the green chlorophyll brings special health benefits, among other things it helps to build new blood cells and promote regeneration. And because the ingredients are pureed, the body can absorb the many healthy nutrients better. In addition, the green drinks are to form a base, which is a blessing for over-acidified by coffee, sugar and animal protein body.

Nutritional myths

The Swiss Nutrition Society does not believe in such myths: “The claims about the alleged health benefits of green smoothies are scientifically untenable.” In particular, the promises in terms of chlorophyll are questionable. Furthermore, thanks to buffer systems, a healthy body can handle acids very well. She expressly warns against eating exclusively vegan raw food. “Especially children represent a risk group. A balanced diet, taking into account all food groups, helps to prevent deficiency symptoms,” says the Swiss Society for Nutrition

Even Boutenko’s argument with the monkeys does not stand up to a review. “Our close relationship with chimpanzees does not exclude that there are important differences between their and our species,” says the University of Zurich teaching primate researcher Carel van Schaik. His colleague Richard Wrangham of Harvard University believes cooking was even the deciding factor in the incarnation: “Because early humans discovered cooking, they were able to absorb more nutrients. It was this achievement that enabled our species to develop a big brain. ”

So, are we going to monkee with the supposed potion? At least in the figurative sense, because evolution is not a reversible process. And every now and then to drink a green smoothie cannot hurt. Even nutritionist Steffi Schlüchter admits that pureed whole fruits with or without vegetables undeniably contain more valuable ingredients than commercial fruit juices.

If you want to test the effect of the green smoothies, you should note the following:


  1. The blender: For the first attempts, an ordinary blender is enough. For those who like the taste, we recommend a powerful blender.


  1. The order: The best way to purée the harder vegetables separately with a little water. Greens and ripe fruits will be added later.


  1. The Ingredients: Make your smoothie simple. The best way to start experimenting with a fruit and greens, such as green vegetables, garden herbs or sprouts; especially recommended are peppermint, lemon balm and leafy greens. Exotic ingredients such as wild herbs, leaves of trees and shrubs, as well as shoots of coniferous trees should only be ventured.


  1. The mix: At the beginning, use a little less green stuff, but more fruits. The leaf green often has an idiosyncratic taste, which is bearable for some only in small doses.


  1. The Extras: Purists use only fruits and green ingredients. However, spices and a few nuts or a dash of vegetable oil often make the difference. In addition, the body needs fat for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.