How to Choose the Best Supplements: Wellness from a Multifaceted Approach

Consumers are increasingly incorporating supplements into their diets in order to improve health and well-being. According to the global survey in collaboration with the Council for Responsible Nutrition, consumers spend about $286 a year on vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements. In fact, 24 percent of people consume more than three different supplements a day Spiruline bio achat Abidjan.

How do you know which supplements to consume or which are the best on the market? Interestingly, 30 percent of respondents report using the Internet and social media to learn about supplements, while 27 percent report consulting their doctors. Regardless of the source of consumer information, 77 percent of respondents would like to know more about the benefits of different dietary supplements.

Previously we analyzed the supportive role that supplements can give us, as well as their safety and benefits. In this guide we will cover how to choose the best supplements to incorporate into your wellness plan.

What is the best supplement format?
Thanks to innovation and technology, consumers now have access to a wide variety of supplement formats such as capsules, mixes, gumdrops, chewables, functional drinks, among others.

It can be difficult to choose one among so many options, but ultimately it depends on preference. These are the most common formats available on the market:

  • Tablets: Manufactured from the spraying of the active ingredients. They may leave a taste in your mouth since they are uncoated.
  • Capsules: The ingredients in the capsules are contained under a protective shell. They can exist in the form of pills with a coating that facilitates digestion and prevents aftertaste, or in a two-part capsule that contains the ingredients.
  • Chewable: Some consumers prefer to chew supplements, so this may be a good alternative.
  • Gumdrops: Although once only for children, they are now widely consumed by adults. They are attractive for their easy consumption and format, and some can have unique flavors.
  • Mixtures: Many consumers prefer mixes because they are easy to take and can be combined with drinks or other liquids.
  • Functional beverages and liquid supplements: Liquid products contain additional nutrients and are a convenient alternative to other formats for active consumers. But we must remember that once opened, its duration is reduced.

Technology and innovation have allowed us to develop new formats to meet the unique needs and preferences of consumers. Additionally, they offer us variety and convenience to decide what works best for our schedule and lifestyle.

Finally, it’s all about being consistent: choose formats that help you maintain a consistent regimen to complement a nutritious diet and exercise routine.

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