How to use trial carrom board?

Trial carrom board is other wise called as Warm-up carrom board. There are two trial boards before starting the carrom game.

• A player needs to take the trial board very seriously as these two boards are extremely supportive in game of carrom. These two boards give you potency and power to play the carrom.

• A Player needs to set his / her sitting place i.e. body position, Height etc.

• A Player needs to sense the carrom board’s setting i.e. any kind of abnormality in board.

• A player needs to spot carrom board’s speed.

• A Player needs to perceive his / her striker speed and if roughing required then use roughing paper.

• A Player needs to get ready and try to pocket a carrom coin as you are playing a Real game.

• A Player needs to distinguish the opponent susceptibility of playing his power and weakness.

• A Player has to regulate in the surroundings, like crowd etc. so these two boards are most excellent to adjust.

• A player could make good control and attention in game.

• The Trial carrom boards are the possibility of preparation.

• The Trial carrom boards are not to loiter or not to play as it is a rule.

There are many people that don’t take trial carrom board seriously and because of that they loss first two to three boards as those board work trial for them and as of that they could loose their confidence. These are like warming up boards and every player needs to take up the profit for it. The ultimate objective of the carrom game is to tap a striker to hit and pocket your carrom coin. The coin could be pocketed into any pocket. Depending on type of game played, either some or all the carrom coin is genuine to be targeted or trial board gives you practice to do this.


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