Online Chat: Where’s Emily Post When We Need Her?

What is online chat etiquette? Years ago when people needed advice on everything from handling nosy neighbors with tact, to how to address your wedding invitations, you simply consulted Emily Post, the etiquette expert. But, today, with e-mail, instant messaging and online chat rooms, people are communicating in a whole new way and we need a new set of rules. The rules for online chat will keep you in good standing with others in the chat room, as well as keeping you from getting banned from the site by a moderator or your fellow chatters.

Here are some rules for your next online chat:

1. It is polite to introduce yourself to the others in the chat room. Just say “hi.” Some sites will allow you to block other people online from knowing that you are there for social or safety reasons. This is okay, but make sure the others know you are online.

2. Be familiar with the online chat topic that is being discussed on the site-especially on sites that have a theme.

3. After you have introduced yourself, wait a few minutes and “listen” to the conversation and then ask questions or make comments.

4. Before you go onto the site, make sure that you are familiar with all of the rules and regulations. They may change periodically, so keep yourself updated.

5. DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in an online chat. This is rude because it is considered yelling.

6. Educate yourself on chat room terminology so that you understand what others are saying.

7. Never harass or threaten anyone in the chat room or use obscene or offensive language. It only shows your ignorance.

8. Respect other’s opinions and ideas as you would expect others to do for you.

9. If others are offensive to you, you can “block” or ignore them-but report inappropriate or illegal activity to the authorities or the moderator.

10. Use your own nickname or fake name, not another person’s name or nickname when you go into the chat room.

Remember the rules of chat when you are online. Emily would be pleased.

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