Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable Types

Indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables are more common. Usually, the outdoor fiber optic cables are mostly heavy-duty and more powerful in sending as well as receiving the signals. In these days, the big industries and telecommunication companies are using a variety of outdoor fiber optic cable types. They know the benefits and features of these cords. Fiber optic cables are heat-resistant, while they never let the wires in cord heat up even at the higher temperatures. Anyways, when you go through the major types of these cables, then you will come across several categories that are based on modes, structure and uses. The companies and professional always choose the outdoor fiber optic cord types according to their networking needs and projects. At the moment, these cables are extremely useful for submarine telecommunication networking.

Anyways, you need to go through the major and more famous outdoor fiber optic cable types that are being excessively used by industries in the world. Basically, the following types of outdoor fiber optic cable are more useful, common and popular.

  • GYTS
  • GYTA
  • GYTC8S
  • GYTA53
  • GYTY53

Most of these cables are excessively used in duct and aerial applications, while the internet and telecommunication companies also use these outdoor cables. The fiber optic cables are more useful for the telecommunication because these cords don’t break the signal flow and conversion of signals from the electrical to light impulses. All of these cables work in all situations, even at higher temperatures and under the water. The performance of optic cables doesn’t fall down in any circumstance.

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