10 TRICKS to win sports bets

Sports betting is a fun and, why not say it, risky way to try to make money and add excitement to sporting events.

But to win by betting you need to follow a series of guidelines and tips that will significantly increase your chances of victory. If you are a casual bettor, this may not interest you, but if you want to win sports bets in the long term you should continue reading.

Gambling is a true exercise in self-control. Many people who lose money betting do so because they get carried away bayar77 daftar. A bad streak, a bad decision and the intention to recover what was lost in a short time ruin our bank.

To avoid this, we have brought you our 10 tricks to make money betting.

Tips to win by betting 1.Bet on sports you know
Looking at the statistics of previous matches between two teams is not enough to know their real state of form. Losses, future confrontations, or the rival also greatly influence the options of winning a bet or not.

A tennis player may have an important winning streak but may have to face his bête noire of recent years.

An undefeated soccer team may have to play on a field they haven’t won on in recent years.

Those kinds of details make the difference when it comes to seeing value bets from which you can make a lot of profit.

2.The favorite does not always win
It seems obvious, but this brings us back to the previous point. Knowing the sport you bet on is vital.

If we take an example we can look at the 2018 tennis season. Nadal faced Fognini at the Barcelona open in April, with the Manacor player being the clear favorite.

It was the logical thing. Nadal has a long history of victories on clay and it is his favorite surface. The only ones who could argue with a victory for Nadal on clay would be Dkojovic or Thiem. Furthermore, Nadal has won the tournament 8 times, which is all the more reason to call him a favorite.

What the betting houses did not take into account is that Fognini had already beaten Nadal on clay a few months before in Rio de Janeiro and had also come from obtaining good results against important players. For someone knowledgeable and who knew how to bet on tennis, these data would be enough to make him see that the Italian’s high odds were much more attractive, and it was. . So much so that Fognini eliminated Nadal from the tournament, beating him two sets to zero.

3.Don’t stick to just one betting house
The betting houses want you to bet with them and only them, appealing a little to loyalty. They try to offer you promotions and prizes with freebets to keep you loyal to their cause. But we recommend that you be independent and look for the best odds for the markets that interest you.

There are certain differences between bookmakers when it comes to odds and these can vary greatly in certain markets. Don’t just look at the 1×2 market or winner of the match/event. There are many others that deserve your attention.

4.Make simple bets
combined bets may seem like a great way to make money quickly, but they are also a great way to lose it. It is very difficult to get combinations of more than 4 selections right, especially if they are at odds around 2.00.

Don’t get greedy and if you make combinations, make sure they are at low odds in each selection. If not, you will lose money in the long run.

We recommend that you make simple bets most of the time if what you want is to make money in the long run.

5.Do not make “safe” combinations
It is common among bettors to put selections into their combinations of clear favorites to increase the odds of the combination. This is a mistake since as we have said before, the favorites are just that and are not infallible, which is different.

This is done a lot in tennis and football and it is not worth it since the added risk of one of those favorite theorists pinching is not compensates for the extra profits we would obtain.

In tennis, for example, it is common to bet heavily on favorites in the first rounds of prestigious tournaments, where they often face little-known or low-ranked players. But they are very risky bets, because you bet a lot of money at low odds and if you win, you win little and if you lose, you lose a lot.

It is preferable to look at a young talent who has arrived in good shape and who has favorable rivals to bet on him.

6.If you are sure, bet early
It is evident that as the date of a specific event approaches, the fees go down. The causes are obvious. There is a little less uncertainty about what can happen since there are fewer surprises in the form of last-minute injuries, for example.

This is applicable to any sporting specialty, but if the favorite is very clear or it is a predictable sport it pays to bet early.

In motor sports such as MotoGP or Formula 1, in recent years we have witnessed great dominance by Marc Márquez on the one hand and Lewis Hamilton on the other. Nothing suggests that this domain will be interrupted in the short term.

The motorcycle world championship is anything but predictable, the problem is that Márquez is far superior to all his rivals and makes difficult things easy.

In the case of Formula 1, it is a predictable sport because only one or two teams dominate the season and that reduces the chances of winning each season to only 2 or 3 drivers. career at most.

Watch the start of each new campaign and analyze what can happen. But keep in mind that both Márquez and Hamilton usually win at least half of the races each season and if you bet before the weekend starts , the fee will be significantly higher.

7. Make sure you understand the markets
Many people get confused when betting on certain markets such as half-time/final or “X team will win both halves”. Is not the same. If you bet on the half-time/final market, the team you bet on must be winning the game at half-time and finally win the match.

On the other hand, if you bet on the “Will win both halves” market, you are betting that the team will win both halves of the game but separately. That is, they have to score more goals than their rival, both in the first and second half.

There are also often many errors in the Asian handicap markets. Be careful, make sure you know what you’re doing and check out our post on how to bet on football to improve your results.

8.Bet with your head and not with your heart
Betting with your heart is not profitable in the long run. It is a fact. Many people bet with their hearts in favor of their team and make a mess, especially when these are teams from the lower-middle zone of the table.

Likewise, we could recommend not betting on important matches such as derbies or classics if things are not clear. In this type of matches there are usually surprises since there may be extra-motivated players and that can lead to surprises in the final result.

And if you bet, don’t let it be on the 1×2 market but on other secondary ones like Over/Under.. a> Your team may lose, but how much does it cost to score at least one goal?

9.Beware of tipsters
The network has been filled in recent years with tipsters or «tipsters«. Some of them have thousands of followers on social networks and are quite successful.

They provide you with bets to follow along with a detailed analysis of the event and you decide whether to follow that bet or not.

However, you have to be careful since some falsify their statistics so that you think they are really profitable and winning tipsters. Even the paid ones do it.

There are no infallible tipsters, be clear, but at least look for some that have a certain reputation and whose statistics are real. Searching for opinions on tipsters on the internet also helps.

10.It is better to follow less popular sports
Betting houses are increasingly increasing the number of sports on which it is possible to bet. This inevitably leads to quotas that are not entirely real and that we can take advantage of. It is a classic case of “He who covers a lot, packs little.” These types of markets are known as non-liquid markets.

A good example of this occurred some time ago, in the UFC 193 fight that pitted Ronda Rousey against Holly Holm. Rousey was the champion and was defending her title against Holm. She gave him a severe beating and defeated her by KO in just 2 rounds.

Before the fight, Rousey’s odds were very low, because she was unabashedly the favorite. Meanwhile, Holm had odds of 10 before the fight and odds of 7 when it began.

For anyone in the know, Holm’s fee had enormous value, since she was a boxing champion several times as well as a kickboxer. The fight was not going to be as easy for Rousey as the odds showed and it was.

What we mean is that bookmakers don’t always set the odds correctly and you can take advantage of that.

We hope that these 10 tricks to win by betting have been useful to you and that you can obtain economic benefit in the future by forgetting about meaningless bets or based on the heart. In the long run your pocketbook will thank you.

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