Have you just created your Instagram account and want to gain followers? Follow these simple tips that will help you gain followers.

1. Quality photographs: Not just any image will do. People enjoy seeing aspects of everyday life that happen spontaneously, but they must have a certain quality buy real instagram commnets. Trying to convey a message through photography works. Be consistent (don’t abandon the account for weeks), too. Don’t spend the whole day telling your life through photographs, because it causes you to lose interest for your followers. Look for a balance.
2. See what works: Follow profiles similar to yours and check what type of photos they upload. You shouldn’t copy their ideas but they can give you clues to improve yours. Many celebrities “use” their pets or share family moments with their followers.
3. Use hashtags: More important than the description. Search Instagram to see which hashtags are most popular and use them. Unlike Twitter, it is advisable to use more than two per photo.
4. Comment on other users’ photos: Interacting is another way to get attention. Many will discover that you exist and visit your profile. Living apart from others is an option if you are someone you know, but an anonymous person must use this formula.
5. Link photographs with other social networks: In a simple and intuitive way, the Instagram application itself allows you to share your images with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Many of your followers on these networks will click on the link and will be able to like and even follow you.

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