How to get followers on Tik Tok to gain popularity

Tik Tok is the social network that has been causing the most stir for some time in much of the world among all audiences, but especially among teenagers. A social network similar to Instagram in which you can publish videos with numerous filters and music with a short duration and where there are many users who already have thousands and thousands of followers. If you want to be one of the most popular users on Tik Tok, then we are going to show some recommendations to buy real tiktok commnets.

One of the challenges or objectives of many users who begin to use a social network is to achieve great popularity within it. The way to measure this popularity is through the number of followers who are interested in our published content. Although success on Tik Tok may depend a little on each person’s ingenuity, the truth is that there are certain recommendations or things to keep in mind to gain followers as you can see below.

Tricks in your account and profile
Although there are no foolproof tricks, you can follow these tips to do it. So get ready because we are going to tell you about some ways with which you will gain followers in a safe, legal, reliable and quality way. Do you want to meet them? Tips to achieve success by taking care of the main thing: your profile. Beyond the content, there are some aspects that we must take into account related to how we show ourselves.

Take care of every detail of your profile
First of all, perhaps having a profile that is as complete as possible. That is, if we want to be truly known and make the greatest number of users possible empathize with us, then we must show in our profile the maximum amount of information about us, what we like, what we do, what we do. we are passionate about life, etc. We cannot put this information as if it were a questionnaire that others see when they follow us, but we can show it in the videos. It is also interesting if you specialize in some specific content: original family dances, book recommendations, movie recommendations, recipes, fitness tricks… Anything goes on TikTok, we just have to be original and fun.

In addition, every little detail matters when we want our profile to look as attractive and striking as possible. We must take care of every detail when choosing our profile photo, username and the personal information that we show, since making an impression just by having them see our profile can easily make us gain followers. It is an app with many possibilities and you can exploit them all.

Although at first it may not seem like something so important to us, the truth is that having a good profile on Tik Tok makes many more users visit us for the simple fact that it catches their attention and if, in addition, they like it our publications, we will make them start following us. Along with the profile photo, it is very important to think about our username. We must look for a short and attractive name that attracts attention and is easy to remember. And of course, we must avoid a username similar to that of other users or that could be confused with any of them. Imagine that you gain popularity and your followers end up on another account because their name is similar.

Be active online
Without a doubt, if there is something important to achieve that transcendence and popularity on Tik Tok, or on any other social network, it is to make frequent publications. In this way, your followers will be aware of all your news and you will be able to maintain them, while, on the other hand, we can always be visible to all new users who come to the social network or have not yet seen any of our content.< /span>

Of course, we must seek a balance with the number of publications we make. We should not abuse it and make publications every few hours, nor make a publication from time to time. If we make many publications in close succession we can have greater visibility, but, on the contrary, users may get tired of our content sooner, since, in this case, the normal thing is that the originality and quality of each publication will not be everything attractive we need to always leave our followers looking forward to a new video from us. We are trying to get followers on Tik Tok and keep them, not be in a continuous fight between the followers we gain and those we lose every day.

In addition to the frequency of our publications, it is also important to take into account the moment in which we publish. That is, it is not the same publish in the morning than in the afternoon or at night, nor at one time or another. Some Tik Tok experts recommend publishing between 11 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, but without a doubt, depending on the type of followers we have this can vary. Therefore, we must think, analyze and test until we find the best times of the day to make our publications with the aim of getting more followers on Tik Tok. One thing to keep in mind when choosing our schedule is that we not only have to take into account our audience residing in Spain, but we will probably also reach Spanish-speaking users from other countries in the world. These usually have a different schedule than ours, and hence it is very important to rotate to see which schedule our content works best. We recommend that you take it seriously and create a posting schedule.

Take care of the content
You have to be original, provide good content, take care of it. We can use video editing programs or TikTok’s own tools but we must be concise, upload something that contributes and not overdo it in content so as not to bore our followers. It is recommended that you try to focus on a specific topic or, at least, get closer to it. For example, you can upload TikTok videos about cooking or fitness or crafts or dance or humor, but try to make a space for yourself in what you’re good at.

Although it is logical to think that if we upload more videos we will get a larger audience, it is totally wrong, since to start growing on a platform (whether on Tik Tok, Twitch or any other) the best thing is. In this way we will gradually gain a solid mass of followers, and once we have turned them into “regulars” it will be when we can experiment with other themes for our videos.

Upload original videos without exceeding the duration
Although everything influences, this may be one of the most important keys when it comes to gaining followers on Tik Tok. One of the biggest mistakes that many users tend to make when it comes to gaining popularity on the social network is publishing content similar to that of other users who have already achieved a certain popularity.

Therefore, it is important that we define our own style that differentiates us from the rest. Create content or videos with topics that you are really passionate about and do not base yourself solely on trends, since, in this case, we will not be doing anything other than publishing the same thing as thousands of users. Therefore, your videos will become one of all those published with the same topic. It’s okay to publish videos about something that interests Tik Tok users, but always try to give something more than others.

Despite defining our style, it is also advisable to make publications from time to time that are a little out of the ordinary to see how our followers react and if this allows us to get followers on Tik Tok who until now we had not managed to awaken their interest in us. It goes without saying that our videos and posts on Tik Tok must be quality so that the impact is greater and is part of our own style.

Tik Tok allows you to record videos from the app itself, of course, with a certain duration. However, it is possible to upload videos recorded from the mobile camera application to our longer account. Of course, we must be very careful with the length of the videos, since, if our content is too long, it may be that potential and current followers will not finish watching them because they are too long for you. Which will cause us to lose strength and popularity on the social network.

Use video editing apps
If we use video editing applications we will be able to make them more spectacular and beautiful, which will allow us to reach more people and more people are our followers because of how well made the videos are. originality is basic, but if we are already original and we add a touch of professionalism and spectacularity to what we launch on Tik Tok, the chances are that we will have more success is multiplied by many.

These applications help us put effects on the videos, which can be professional of what we record and even many of them already have so that we don’t have to do anything and vary as little as possible because the design has already been created for us from the application. Some of the best are, for example, Canva, InShot, VivaVideo or KineMaster. They are very easy to use and the results are more impressive than you imagine, you just have to choose one and get familiar with it. After some tests you will learn to improve the results of your Tik Tok videos.

Interact with our followers
As a social network, to be successful and to have more and more followers on Tik Tok, it is important that our followers feel important to us and that they feel our closeness. Therefore, it is necessary to interact with them, upload a video addressing all of them and making them feel important. Of course, this will be of little use if we do not comply with the previous premises. Above all, generating original content with which to attract new followers while building loyalty among all those who already follow us.

Interact with them in your videos, but it is also important that you spend time with them since they also do it with you. For example, responding to their comments, referring to some of them in our next recordings or live shows, etc.

Challenges for the audience: duets, etc.
Something that is very attractive is that we launch challenges to our audience, that is, that those who see us do something that we We challenge and, of course, you have to comply and teach it. This is a very good system to interact with your followers and for them to make your content viral themselves, since they will mention you in their videos and more people could know you this way. Another thing they can do is the duos of Tik Tok, something that also helps a lot for other users to get to know you and want to be your followers when they see How you interact with everyone who follows you. With them, you can use a video published on the internet to add your own recording. You can use a friend or celebrity’s video and post it with split screen. You also have the possibility to include your own voice. Thus, followers of your friends or even fans of the celebrities you include in your publications may also be interested in you.

The users of this social network really like challenges, so don’t hesitate to use them from time to time. But don’t abuse it either, since overusing this technique will make it lose effectiveness.

Comment Videos
Another way to be close to your followers and, therefore, attract more, is to occasionally make a video answering any question or comment that a follower has left you in writing. This is an ideal way for those who follow you to see that you care about what they write and think, but it also helps others see that same done and consider that they also want to leave you some comments and for that they will follow you. But you should also keep in mind that these types of videos in which questions are answered or anything someone writes on your TikTok are popular and are among the most viewed on this network, especially if they are questions or comments are original, as is the answer we give ourselves.

Use trendy sounds
Trendy songs are very popular for good reason and are often promoted by record companies. If you use these popular sounds in your videos, the TikTok algorithm will favor them and show them to more people. You can find these popular songs in the «Discover» section or in the suggestions that the TikTok application offers when recording a new video.

However, it is not mandatory to use trending songs. It’s important to make sure they are relevant to your niche and audience before using them.

Use hashtags related to your video
As in other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are essential for a good strategy, to gain followers and increase your visibility on the platform.

So if you had doubted it for a moment, we assure you now that it is something you have to do so that this purpose meets all the guarantees. One of the tips is that, although TikTok allows you to place all the tags you want, it is best to place only 3 or 4 tags per post. Pay attention to these details:

Use related hashtags with your video
Don’t put hashtags just to put them
Avoid hashtags banned by the platform, they will not bring you anything good
Don’t get obsessed with the hashtags with the most searches and that are in fashion.

Publish content on other social networks
If, in addition to making quality publications and following the previous tips, we publish some of our Tik Tok videos on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, we will be able to give much more visibility to our profile and get followers or users who watch our videos and also end up following us on Tik Tok. You can download TikTok videos to share them on Instagram, for example. This will allow you to bring traffic from one social network to another. You can also publish it in WhatsApp statuses, in forums, different social networks and comment on it to your friends so they can share. If you are able to do it in an original way or make some content viral, you will achieve very good results by taking advantage of other social networks. Nowadays it is difficult to grow using a single social network, and if we manage to move through several at the same time we will make them all feed back, gaining an audience much faster.

When you publish content on other social networks pose a strategy that allows you to take advantage of the advantages of that audience you are going to reach. Each social network has a different approach and type of behavior. For example, on Twitter you will have to try to go viral strongly by taking advantage of the latest trends that are being talked about the most in recent hours. TikTok videos, for example, circulate very effectively on Twitter when challenges are being carried out. Just search for “TikTok challenges” or “TikTok challenges” and see how you can get your video into the stream of the right hashtag. But keep in mind that the moment you make the publication is critical, so don’t leave it for later.

Collaborate with other users
Another way to increase your popularity on other social networks is by collaborating with influencers or users who have a large number of followers on them. It is possible that if you specialize in TikTok you have few followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, republishing content on those profiles probably won’t do you much good. But what if someone who is specialized in those networks republishes it? There lies one of the secrets.

Some of these collaborations take place behind the scenes, so don’t be afraid to write a private message to the person you are interested in working with. Surely in just a few messages you will be able to talk about all the important details of the collaboration. For example, it is possible that you, in return, do the same on your social network, although with time periods that help the exchange not be so obvious. On the other hand, remember that, in all cases, it is important that your TikTok videos that circulate on other social networks have the name of your account. the platform.

If you generate a TikTok video and then upload the same file to Twitter without the branding that your TikTok channel says, you will be wasting all your effort . The essential thing is that the name of your channel is seen. Otherwise, your videos, no matter how viral they are, will not give you more followers.

Make direct
TikTok live streams are a way to gain popularity not only among your friends but among all types of audiences. Some people may come to you because they are watching live and are interested in what you are doing. This is a way to diversify the ways you get your followers. It is a risky bet, since the videos will be broadcast at the moment, without editing and you may make some initial mistakes, but it is worth trying. You just have to look for the best ways to engage your audience with your live shows.

Other tips and tricks
Beyond the content, we can make ourselves noticed by sending gifts to other users or simply looking for specialized apps. Obviously, it is better that we focus on all the tips that we have given you above, which are the ones that will give you a greater volume of followers organically, but the extra push that what you have below can give you never hurts.

Send gifts
They may cost you some extra money, but they are a way to grow if you send gifts to other users during their live streams. This way you will get more visibility and you will be able to sneak into the most viewed or even get others to recommend you. It occurs to us that you can do a contest, raffle or giveaways for whatever you want. We recommend that you give something related to your activity, specialization, skill or what you do. If they are also personalized with the image and name of your channel, much better, like the personalized gifts that companies offer. Along the same lines, it is interesting to give gifts or do raffles on special occasions.

Of course, we must keep in mind that gifts cost money. What are they? We can send gifts to our favorite tiktokers during live broadcasts by exchanging available balance in the app for the catalog we want. From five coins to gifts of more than five thousand coins that represent a real expenditure of fifty euros in total. The more expensive the gift, the bigger you will appear on that person’s live stream and the more others will see you. It can be a good investment to make yourself known and gain followers.

Use third-party apps
There are some apps developed by third parties that have been designed with the aim of helping you get followers on Tik Tok. They are not the best option, and using this to multiply your followers will not achieve a similar impact, but we can use it if we want to expand our profile a little before launching ourselves directly into fame. We do not recommend buy followers or likes because they will not be reflected as real visibility of your profile or your videos, but if you are interested in this option because it creates the sensation psychological interest to other people who may be interested in your content, but do not do so when they see an “empty profile”, you can do it with some specialized applications although we recommend that you read the fine print carefully before getting carried away with them.

An app that we can get completely free for Android devices and promises to get new likes and real followers for our profile on the social network . Its operation is quite simple, since as soon as we start using the app, the tool itself will ask us to start following certain users that the application itself will provide us with and these same users will return the follow and begin to follow us, which will also It will give us greater reach to many other users.

Analyze busiest hours
You should take into account the optimal time to publish. Because, regardless of what we publish, it is also true that doing it in the morning, at noon or at night is not the same. To do this, try publishing at different times and analyze the reach of each video until you know the most appropriate time for you and the one with the most activity. a>

This way you will be able to reach more people (and increase your followers), since the virality of your video does not only depend on the algorithm , also the time you share your content.

Promote your videos
TikTok has implemented a feature called “Promote” to help businesses increase their presence and community on the platform. With Promote, you can turn any organic TikTok video into an ad to reach new audiences, grow your following, and drive traffic to your business website.

However, keep in mind that the prices for this feature can be high, so you’ll need to consider whether it’s really worth it for you. your business. The advantage is that you will gain valuable information about what resonates with your audience. It is important to note that you can only promote videos that use original sounds or sounds that can be used for commercial purposes.

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